Palestra: Stochastic model of aggregation-fragmentation

23/05/2016 14:51

Título: Stochastic model of aggregation-fragmentation
Resumo: In this presentation we will introduce a stochastic version of the Becker-Döring equations. This concerns aggregation and fragmentation of clusters as it arises in fibrils/polymer formation. Such phenomena occurs in Alzheimer’s disease, Prion, etc. We will show how we can approach such system by a deterministic equation (scaling limit) and we may interest to first passage time and large deviation linking these phenomenon to biological interrogations.

Palestrante: Prof Hingant (Biomatemática)
Quinta-feira, 16 de Junho
Horário: 15:30-16:30h
Local: Auditório (LAED), sala 07 do Departamento de Matemática