Palestra: Two-sex population models

13/04/2015 08:16

Resumo: In this work, we propose a two-dimensional logistic model to study populations where there exist two genders. The growth behavior of a population is guided by two coupled ordinary differential equations for a non-differentiable vector field whose parameters are the secondary sex ratio (the ratio of males to females at time of birth), inter- and intra-gender competitions, fertility rates and a marriage function. Using geometrical techniques we study the singularities and the basin of attraction of the system, determining the relationships between the parameters for which the system presents an equilibrium point. In particular, we find out conditions on the secondary sex ratio for the stability of the population and determine the relationship between the secondary and the tertiary sex ratios.

Palestrante: Marcelo Sobottka, Departamento de Matemática, UFSC (parte dos Encontros em Bio-Matemática)
Data: 14.04.2015
Horário: 14h
Local: Sala 202, Departamento de Matemática, segundo andar